Ukraine’s President Zelensky got emotional on Father’s Day, gave this message with 10 pictures

Zelensky on Father’s Day: President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky on Father’s Day amid the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Shared 10 emotional pictures. These pictures are going to make you emotional. In one picture, a soldier is seen kissing a child sitting on his knees in the Subway Station, while in another picture a woman and a newborn baby (New Born Baby) are seen together with moist eyes. The person is seen saying goodbye.

Zelensky shared the photos on the occasion of Father’s Day on Sunday and tried to portray a different version of the situation in the country amid the Russian attack. One of these pictures is taken during the birth of a child, in which a man and a woman are seen looking at a sleeping child in a room. Seeing this, it looks like a hospital, whose walls are showing many cracks.

Zelensky wrote a sentimental message

Sharing the pictures, Zelensky wrote that being a father is a huge responsibility as well as a great joy. This relationship gives you strength, makes you wiser, inspires you to move forward and not give up. He called on the fighters of his country to keep moving forward for the future of their families, their children and the whole of Ukraine.

Zelensky suddenly reached the front of the war

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, reached a surprise meeting with the army soldiers who were responding to the Russian shelling on the war front. Before meeting with the soldiers, Zelensky visited the buildings in the city of Mykolev that were vandalised. Zelensky then went to Odessa, an important port city still under Ukrainian control. Russia is continuously attacking both the cities so that it can capture important ports on the Black Sea.

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