Tribal violence in Ethiopia, more than 200 dead

New Delhi. There is news of terrible devastation in the African country of Ethiopia. According to a report, more than 200 people of the primitive tribal community Amhara have been killed. The attack took place in the Oromia area of ​​the country. The insurgent groups are believed to have targeted the people of these tribal communities. This incident of massacre in Ethiopia is the biggest bloody incident of tribal tension in the last few years. Ethiopia is the second most populous country in Africa.

Abdul Saeed Tahir, a local resident and eyewitness of Gimi County, adjacent to the incident area, told news agency AP, I have counted about 230 bodies myself. I think this is the saddest incident of our life in which this is the biggest incident against civilians. We are burying their bodies in mass graves and still counting the number of bodies.

were settled in Oromia under the resettlement plan
Another eyewitness, Shambel, said that the local Amhara community is now searching for their whereabouts before there is another incident of mass murder. He said that in fact, people of the primitive tribal Amhara community were settled here about 30 years ago under rehabilitation programs but now they are being killed like chicken.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : June 19, 2022, 23:21 IST