‘The Last Of Us’ Used A Real Giraffe In Finale Scene – And Twitter Has Mixed Feelings

*Warning: Spoilers forward for “The Last of Us” under!*

The giraffe scene in “The Last of Us” — a pivotal and emotional second that happens in the course of the post-apocalyptic survival sport — was re-created utilizing an actual giraffe for Sunday’s season finale of the hit HBO present.

The scene, wherein Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) meet a giraffe within the stays of Salt Lake City, was re-created utilizing a “combination of a VFX stage, scenery and location shoot with real giraffes from the Calgary Zoo,” based on the show’s Twitter account.

In the sport, the long-lasting scene symbolizes one in every of its darkest intervals, when Ellie begins to get well emotionally after falling right into a deep state of melancholy. During the heartwarming scene, Joel and Ellie feed the huge animal, making a brand new pal earlier than persevering with their journey.

The second marks one of the common scenes within the sport collection since its launch practically a decade in the past.

Explaining why the present’s staff selected to forgo utilizing CGI, manufacturing designer John Paino informed Variety: “I’m sure Alex Wang, visual effects supervisor, could have made a CGI giraffe if we had the time.”

“The trainers worked to get [giraffes] to eat out of a stranger’s hand. So, when Ellie and Joel walk up at the enclosure, that’s the giraffe eating those branches of food,” Paino added.

On the opposite hand, some viewers known as out the beloved scene on social media for not carefully resembling the online game.

Last month, HBO introduced that “The Last of Us” had been renewed for a second season amid the collection’ large success.