President Emmanuel Macron lost majority in parliament, turmoil in French politics

Emmanuel Macron: French President Emmanuel Macron’s coalition won the most seats in the final round of parliamentary elections on Sunday, but lost its parliamentary majority. This is being said on the basis of exit polls. Exit polls based on partial results show that Macron’s candidates will win 200 to 250 seats. This number of seats is far less than the 289 seats required for a direct majority in the National Assembly, the most powerful house of the French Parliament.

In such a situation, unless Macron is able to form an alliance with other parties, the possibility of a weak legislature in France has increased. Emmanuel Macron, who has so far tried to play a key role as the EU’s leading politician to stop the Russo-Ukraine war, appears to be surrounded in his own home.

Inflation and Islam were big issues

Amidst all this, official spokesperson Olivia Gregoire told BFM television that of course, this is the first time which is disappointing. We are less than expected. Significantly, in the recent presidential election, inflation, Russia’s attack on Ukraine and Islam had emerged as big issues. Macron had also made many election promises to the people of the country, including raising the pension age from 62 to 65 years and giving social security benefits to the unemployed. However, the latest developments have turned Macron’s recent election victory into despair.

Did not get absolute majority even in 1988

Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne said in a statement that this situation is risky for our country. We have to face challenges. We will start building a majority from tomorrow itself. Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire called the results a blow to democracy. Along with this, he promised that he would reach out to all the European Supporters. Nothing can be said about what will happen next in France, because it happened in the parliamentary elections in 1988 when a newly elected president did not get an absolute majority. However, Macron will also have an option that if he does not get a majority, he should conduct snap elections in the country i.e. ahead of time.

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