Hermit spyware: Hermit spyware is more dangerous than Pegasus, spying on people of many countries

Image Source : FREEPIK
Hermit spyware is more dangerous than Pegasus


  • Pegasus no longer threatened by hermit spyware
  • Hermit spyware became a major weapon of espionage
  • Leaders, journalists, businessmen of many countries are on target

Hermit spyware: The Pegasus spyware, which has been in discussion all over the world, has created an uproar in India many times from the street to the Parliament. The matter has reached the court. The government has not yet got a clean chit in the matter of spying from this software, meanwhile, another new spying software has come into the limelight. Its name is ‘hermit spyware’. It is being told that the hermit is more dangerous than Pegasus. This has been disclosed by cyber security company ‘Lookout Threat Lab’.

Hermit spyware made in Italy

Lookout has told in its report that this spyware is being used to spy on people in many countries. Its targets are government officials, businessmen, human rights activists, journalists, political leaders and people associated with the education sector. The researcher who detected this spyware has written in his blog that based on his analysis, Hermit spyware has been developed by Italian spyware vendors RCS Lab and Tykelab Srl.

This spyware has been spotted in Kazakhstan

According to Lookout, it is a modular spyware, which starts its work once it is downloaded. This software is installed in the target mobile through SMS. This is a phishing attack. It starts its work immediately after it is downloaded. It can record audio, make calls and redirect it. It can collect call log, device location and SMS data. The company’s researcher found that this spyware has been spotted in Kazakhstan.