Great And Huge Benefits of Auto Mobile Business

A great way to make money in the winter season is to dig out cars trapped in snow. The service has become widespread in large cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg. The tariff for digging out one car is 1000-2000 rubles, an operational call can be estimated at 5000 thousand rubles. Services may include not only cleaning the car from snow, but also cleaning the snow around it, pushing it out of the snow, charging the battery and “lighting up the car”. No investments are needed – it is enough to have a shovel at home. If you are planning to do this business seriously, with the purchase of a snowplow, then you can read about the opening of such a car business. Luminous discs come in two types: with LED illumination and painted with paint, which includes a phosphor. You can sell paint, LEDs, LED strips, caps and other goods (you can, for example, create your own wide-profile auto light online store), or you can also provide services for painting and installing LEDs. The cost of services for painting discs varies from 4 to 12 thousand rubles. And will depend on the brand of car, the number of paints, the complexity of the work and your reputation. Not every company can afford construction equipment, for example, a car for the auto business – it is more profitable to rent it. The business is an intermediary between customers and owners: the former can quickly find and use rental services, while the latter receive additional income from the use of equipment. To open such a control room, you will need to invest in the creation or purchase of software and the development of a mobile application. In the future, a phone and Internet access will suffice. Upgrading a car can be not only external, but also internal. Sewing of covers and upholstery of car interiors are in great demand. Clients are both owners of old cars and owners of premium cars. In a word, on one customer you can earn as much as 1 thousand rubles, as well as 50 thousand and even 200 thousand.

Cargo car wash is a specialized business designed for buses, trucks and vans. It is difficult to clean a truck from dirt without special washing equipment, so there will always be customers for such a service. Cargo washes are located in industrial areas, along highways and near parking lots. You can equip the sink by installing an automatic complex, which will cost 3-6 million rubles, or by purchasing a manual complex for about 300 thousand rubles. High start-up costs are offset by significant income – 20 cars per day can provide daily revenue of 35-50 thousand rubles.

Services for auto-selection of used cars can be called a trend in the auto services market. In general, there are three main business formats – these are large federal companies that are leaders in the industry, lone professionals and non-professionals who combine this auto business with a related business. Of course, one cannot do without certain knowledge and experience in the autosphere, but the most attractive side of the issue is the financial one. To start and purchase the necessary equipment, a pick-up truck will need about 100 thousand rubles, while working alone, you can earn about 100-150 thousand rubles per month. An interesting and not fully mastered idea of ​​​​the auto business is the sale of auto parts for trucks for business. Like the number of cars, the number of trucks is growing, and so is the need for spare parts, both original and replicas. The peculiarity of this business is that the creation of a store will require large investments (from 2 million rubles), solid experience in this area, as well as increased attention to marketing and promotion. For an auto business in the manufacture of car stickers, you need a little: the ability to work in graphic editors, a large-format printer and consumables in the form of a film. The process of applying stickers is quite simple, so a business can be built on the creation and sale of stickers by bringing your online store to the search top.

Light trailers can become a profitable business if you try to offer the market either a very cheap or exclusive alternative. The auto vinyl styling service involves applying special coatings to bumpers, bodywork, glass and optics. The result is an attractive vehicle design and additional protection against chips, scratches and weathering. On pasting a small car like Daewoo Matiz, you can earn 20-30 thousand rubles, large cars like the BMW X5 crossover – 60-90 thousand rubles. You can read more about starting such a business in the format of a small studio. You can start your own auto business even without owning a car. One route can earn from 60 to 150 thousand rubles. per month with turnover from 100 to 250 thousand rubles. These can be presidents waving their hands, cats wagging their tails, traffic cops with batons, grandmothers with brooms and other funny images. To start, it is quite possible to start selling from groups on social networks.

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