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Giannis Antetokounmpo on ladder incident

PHILADELPHIA — Following Milwaukee’s 110-102 loss to Philadelphia at Wells Fargo Middle on Friday evening, an odd scene unfolded between Bucks famous person Giannis Antetokounmpo, 76ers reserve middle Montrezl Harrell and a ladder, culminating with Antetokounmpo pushing a 12-foot ladder out of his approach and having it skid just a few toes earlier than falling over on its facet.

“I’ve never tried to disrespect anyone in any way, shape or form,” Antetokounmpo mentioned as soon as he finally spoke, greater than an hour after the sport ended. “I feel like today is just an unfortunate event that took place.”

What set all of those occasions in movement was a second straight dreadful sport on the free throw line for Antetokounmpo, who went 4-for-15 from the charity stripe on Friday — after going 4-for-11 in Wednesday’s victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers.

So, after going again to the locker room following Friday evening’s sport, Antetokounmpo got here again out to the courtroom to apply some free throws.

It was at that time, nonetheless, that issues took a really odd flip.

After Antetokounmpo made seven free throws in a row — a part of his routine of constructing 10 in a row each time he steps onto the courtroom — and had shot his eighth, Harrell took the ball away and would not give it again — apparently upset that Antetokounmpo was stopping him from getting in his personal work forward of Philadelphia taking part in the second half of a back-to-back in opposition to the Minnesota Timberwolves on Saturday evening.

“I respect every player,” Antetokounmpo mentioned. “I know some players don’t play now, they want to get some extra work, want to work on their skills and stuff, and I said, obviously we can shoot together. They said, they told me no, this is their court, I should leave. I was like, I have three more free throws, I was at seven, I want to try to make 10 in a row. I shot my eighth one. Came and took the ball away from me and I was very surprised. I feel like it’s very unprofessional. I would never take the ball away from a professional athlete when he’s trying to do his job.”

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Thanasis Antetokounmpo then went and tried to talk to Harrell on the different finish of the courtroom, main to a different dialogue and Harrell leaving with the ball. By the point reporters have been conscious of what had occurred, Harrell had left the locker room. The 76ers group additionally declined to supply remark about what occurred.

Giannis Antetokounmpo mentioned he then went and obtained two extra balls from Philadelphia’s locker room and got here again out to the courtroom, hoping to complete his routine. By that point, nonetheless, enviornment staff had put a big ladder up in entrance of the basket.

“I went back out there to shoot and there was a ladder in front of me,” Antetokounmpo mentioned. “And I said, ‘Can you please move the ladder? And they said, ‘No.’ I said, ‘Can you guys please move the ladder?’ They said, ‘No.’ I was like, ‘Guys, I have two more free throws, can you please move the ladder?’ And they said, ‘No.’

At that point, Antetokounmpo walked from the free throw line to the basket, and moved the ladder out of the way. When arena workers then moved the ladder back in front of the basket again, Antetokounmpo shoved it out of the way, and after it skidded several feet, it tipped over and fell on its side.

He then went on to finish his routine and went back to Milwaukee’s locker room, where he was visibly upset about what had happened, before eventually talking to reporters awhile later.

“I do not know if I ought to apologize as a result of I do not really feel like I did something fallacious, besides the ladder simply fell. I really feel prefer it’s my proper for me to work on my expertise after a horrible evening on the free throw line. I believe anyone in my place that had an evening like me would exit and work on his free throws. And in the event that they did not, they do not actually care about their sport.”

Giannis Antetokounmpo

“At the end of the day, people are going to make things look the way they want it to look,” Antetokounmpo mentioned of the video of him pushing the ladder. “Did I mean to push the ladder all the way down? I totally did not. I just tried to, I think I pushed it and it got caught and fell. But people are going to make it look the way they want it to look.

“I do know what occurred. I believe there’s cameras throughout this courtroom. We are able to present the entire incident from folks coming and getting the ball, folks getting in my face. I do not need to get into all these issues.

“I don’t know if I should apologize because I don’t feel like I did anything wrong, except the ladder just fell. I feel like it’s my right for me to work on my skills after a horrible night at the free throw line. I think anybody in my position that had a night like me would go out and work on his free throws.

“And in the event that they did not, they do not actually care about their sport.”

Antetokounmpo also said that he believes his reputation precedes him, and that he wouldn’t disrespect anyone in the league — nor, he said, was he trying to do here.

“On the finish of the day I believe everyone is aware of my character,” he said. “I believe the those who know my character know I by no means attempt to disrespect anyone throughout the NBA, inside my teaching employees, throughout the opposing crew. I respect with one of the best phrases about any participant at any time when I have been requested. Or I’ve by no means disrespected an opponent coach or a training employees. Or at any time when I shoot and end my routine, from my rookie 12 months till now, I all the time shake each ball boys hand and ensure I thank them for the work I do as a result of I do know it is laborious to do their job chasing balls over and time and again and ensure they’re OK. I do it for my ball boys and ball ladies in Milwaukee. They assist us after we shoot and I attempt to do it on the street, too., I have been recognized for this.”

When asked about the thing that started all of this — his poor free throw shooting the past two games, and what was causing it — Antetokounmpo had a simple answer.

“I am simply not making them,” he said with a shrug. “Easy as that. I do not assume there isn’t any challenge. The ball is just not stepping into.”



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