China Successfully Tested Land Based Anti Missile Interception On Sunday

China Missile Test: China successfully test-fired Land Based Missile Interception on Sunday night amid rising tensions with America. Describing the specialty of this missile, the Defense Minister of China said that this missile is capable of hitting the intercontinental missile in the air. At the same time, he said that the new missile has been tested by China only for the defensive purpose. It is not made to target any particular country.

China is ramping up tests of all kinds of missiles in space, from missiles that destroy satellites to advanced nuclear-tipped ballistic missiles, under President Xi Jinping’s ambitious modernization plan. Let us tell you that Beijing has already conducted missile interceptor tests in February 2021 and 2018 as well. According to Chinese state media, China first conducted an anti-missile test in 2010.

Missile test amid tension with America

A brief statement issued by the Chinese Defense Ministry said that a “ground-based midcourse anti-missile intercept technology” test was conducted late Sunday. Let us tell you that China and Russia have been repeatedly opposing the deployment of America’s Terminal High Altitude Area Defense Anti-Military System (THAAD) in South Korea.

The Chinese Defense Ministry has also shared some information about China’s missile programs in its statements. In which it has been told that China has been moving forward with anti-missile system tests since the pictures appeared in local television in 2016. The Ministry of Defense said that it is very important to have this type of technology for national defense and security.

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