China built Padma Bridge in Bangladesh? Sheikh Hasina’s government told the truth

Bangladesh Padma Bridge: Bangladesh has dismissed reports linking the construction of a newly constructed road bridge with China’s multi-billion-dollar Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) project. The Bangladesh side said on Sunday that the government has fully financed the country’s longest bridge and no foreign funds have been used in its construction. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will inaugurate about 10 km long ‘Padma Bridge’ on 25 June.

Through this bridge, the south-western region of Bangladesh will be connected by road with the capital Dhaka and other parts of the country. A Bangladesh Foreign Ministry spokesman said that it (the bridge) does not belong to the BRI and Bangladesh has not taken any foreign funds for its (the bridge’s) construction.

Chinese President started BRI project in 2013

The Belt and Road Initiative is a multi-billion dollar project that was initiated by Chinese President Xi Jinping after coming to power in 2013. It aims to connect Southeast Asia, Central Asia, the Gulf region, Africa and Europe by a network of road and sea routes. The foreign ministry’s response comes after last week’s announcement by a group called the ‘Bangladesh-China Silk Road Forum’, which said on June 22, ‘Padma Bridge: An example of Bangladesh-China cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative’ ‘ A discussion will be held on

What did the Bangladeshi Foreign Ministry say?

Hours after the group distributed the invitation letter to the media, the Ministry of External Affairs issued a statement denying reports that the bridge was related to the BRI, forcing the organizers to postpone their planned discussions to a day later. The Foreign Office statement said that it has come to the notice of the Ministry of External Affairs that certain sections are trying to portray that the Padma Multi-Purpose Bridge has been constructed with the aid of foreign funds and is a part of the Belt and Road Initiative. Is. According to the statement, the Padma Multi-Purpose Bridge is fully funded by the Government of Bangladesh and no foreign funding from any other bilateral or multilateral funding agency has been used.

Chinese embassy made this claim

Meanwhile, a Chinese Embassy spokesperson told reporters in Dhaka that the bridge was built entirely with Bangladeshi money. The spokesperson also said that we are proud that a Chinese construction company was involved in the construction of Padma Bridge. He said that decades ago a company that built a bridge over our mother river (Yellow River) (China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Corporation) built the first longest bridge outside China (over Padma).

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