A woman in Indonesia came to know after months of marriage that her husband was not a man but a woman.

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  • The accused also cheated 15 lakh rupees from the victim
  • Reality found after months of marriage
  • Victim kept imprisoned for several months

Indonesia: Marriage is considered a very sacred relationship between two people. After marriage, both of them take some time to get to know each other. But after a few months of marriage, a woman came to know that she was stunned. In fact, the person whom the woman married turned out to be a woman, not a man. After which the senses of the victim woman were blown away. The victim woman lodged a complaint with the police and now the matter is in the court.

According to the UK newspaper ‘Daily Report’, this incident is from Indonesia. Where a few days ago, a woman complained in the court that she married the accused ten months ago as a man, but after 10 months of marriage it was found that the accused is not a man but a woman. He told that the accused woman had married him by hiding her real identity.

met through dating app

Although the identity of the victim woman has not been revealed, but the name of the accused woman is being told as Airani. According to the news, the two met in May 2021 through a dating app. According to the victim woman, from social media profiles and conversations, she looked like a man from Airany. He described himself as a surgeon and successful businessman. He had recently converted and was looking for a girl to marry.

After three months of talking and meeting on social media, both of them got married. After marriage, Airani started living at the victim’s house. A few days after the wedding, the woman’s parents suspected Airani. He started questioning her. After which to avoid their questions, he took the woman to another city, South Sumatra, and started living there with a room on rent.

woman was imprisoned

During this, he imposed all the restrictions on the victim woman. He kept the woman imprisoned in the house for several months and stopped talking to anyone. The woman could not even talk to her parents. Because of which his parents got upset and went to the police. The police soon traced them both. After which everyone, including the police, was blown away by what the woman told.

Didn’t even touch the wife for several days after the marriage.

The victim woman told that Airani had kept her imprisoned for several months. He would neither allow anyone to meet nor talk to anyone. And the Eraini whom she thinks to be a man is actually a woman. He also extorted about 15 lakh rupees from him. After which Mamlwe was taken to court and if convicted, Erayani could face 10 years in prison. Regarding this incident, the victim says that after many days of marriage, Aryan did not even touch her hand. He always tried to stay apart by making excuses. At the time of romance, he would always turn off the lights and blindfold his wife during sex.